At this place I present you all CDs I have recorded so far. At the end of the page you can hear a selection of songs.


2003: Admiral von Schneider - ... as every year!

Admiral von Schneider's first CD was recorded in 2003, and the days of tedious telephone conferences with rights holders, record companies, labels and the GEMA are unforgettable. Recorded and mixed in the Music Plant Studio in Lübeck.
2004 a new edition was produced due to the great demand.


2008: Nycromatic - Black Sheep

In 2008 I went to Hamburg with Nycromatic to produce a first demo CD.
It was recorded by Tobias Klingenberg and mixed by Tobias and Christian Klingenberg. They also contributed the Celtic Nights remix.


2012: Nycromatic - Folk Rock Radio

At the end of 2009 the recordings for Folk Rock Radio were started. These lasted until summer 2010, but the result is convincing. As sound engineer Tobias Klingenberg was again the master of all controls, the mix was created in cooperation of Tobias and Sebastian Marx. For mastering the album went to Bremen. The Starfish label has taken the CD under their wings and the release was on 09.06.2012.


2012: Chain-Re-Action - Angels Never Die

January / February 2012 Chain-Re-Action was in the Evolution-Studio in Hamburg and recorded this demo. Sound engineer was Nico Klaukien, who also did the mixing. The CD was mastered by Dirk Schlächter (Gamma Ray) at Hammer Studios, Hamburg. The cover artwork is by Claudia von Bihl.


2017: Grobrock - Heiß wie die Hölle


2022: Grobrock - Land unter

Originally planned for 2020, here is our second album (with a delay thanks to Corona): "Land unter".
If you listen carefully, you will notice that we have also taken up a few current topics this time. Climate change gives the album its name and titles like "Größenwahn" (delusions of grandeur) suggest that "Land unter" is to be understood ambiguously.
Nevertheless, in the end everything revolves around everyday life. Whether Big 'Slim' Neisi is hungry or Tiny Tim takes care of your needs, the important thing is: have fun and let it rock!


Some Samples