List of motor vehicles registered in Germany in 1909

The association "CompGen - Verein für Computergenealogie" kindly made the data of all motor vehicles registered in Germany in 1909 (total: 45,532, of which motorbikes: 21,034, cars: 21,341, lorries: 1,164, others: 1,993) freely available.

Around 1906, there was a veritable proliferation of different vehicle number plates in the German Reich, with the result that a standard system was introduced from 1 October 1907. According to this system, the licence plates were to be white with black lettering. This meant that the various free states were categorised in Roman numerals, e.g. I for Prussia, II for Bavaria, III for Württemberg, IV for Baden, V for Hesse, VI for Alsace-Lorraine. A subdivision into provinces, administrative districts or counties was then made in letters of the alphabet, e.g. IA for Berlin (Prussia). Principalities, duchies and smaller states such as Brunswick or Schaumburg-Lippe were given different distinctions such as "B" or "SL".


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